David Hodges

David Hall Hodges (born December 5th 1978 in Little Rock, Arkansas) is one of Evanescence’s former band members. He joined the band in 1999 and left it soon before their breakthrough. Hodges co-wrote many songs on their Origin CD, some which also ended up appearing on Fallen. He was the keyboard player and background vocalist of Evanescence.

1999-2002: Evanescence

Hodges joined Evanescence in late 1999 and made their Origin demo CD and their debut album, Fallen, with bandmates Amy Lee and Ben Moody. The band’s first single, “Bring Me to Life   “, went to #1 on multiple charts, including the Billboard Top 40, and catapulted the band into an international spotlight. Fallen was certified platinum within weeks of its release in March 2003 and has gone on to sell over 16 million copies worldwide. In 2004, Hodges took home two Grammy awards with the band for Best Hard Rock Performance and Best New Artist.

Shortly after the completion of Fallen, Hodges had left Evanescence because he felt he was taking the band into more of a Christian direction than Amy and Ben were comfortable with.