Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why does your gallery take us to instead of

      Since both sites are affiliated with each other and both feature Evanescence and Amy Lee are featured on the gallery at Amy Lee Fans it just makes sense to have one gallery for both sites. It is easier to manage. Amy Lee Fans was created first and therefore we will be keeping the gallery there for the time being.

    2. Do you have contact with Evanescence and can you get them a message from me?

      We do not have any contact with the band and can not forward messages to them. The best way to try is on there official twitter.

    3. Why does the media section take me to

      Once again it is easier for us to manage media on one site then two. We are planning on moving the media section to this domain in the future.

    4. Do you post whole articles/interviews on your website?

      We do not want to infringe on anyone’s copyright so we only post experts from articles and then the link to the original article. If you believe we have your copyright on our website we will remove it ASAP!