Lost in Paradise

Written by: Amy Lee
Produced by: Nick Raskulinecz
Release date: May 25, 2012
Genre: Symphonic rock
Running time: 4:42

“Lost in Paradise” is a song by American rock band Evanescence from their third self-titled studio album, Evanescence (2011). An alternative version appears on the band’s fourth studio album, Synthesis (2017). Although initially penned by frontwoman Amy Lee as a personal song and anticipated to become a B-side, it was later recorded for the album. Wind-up Records released the song as the third single from the album on May 25, 2012. It was produced by Nick Raskulinecz. A snippet of the song premiered online on July 15, 2011, prior to its album’s release in October. Musically, “Lost in Paradise” is a rock ballad that begins with piano, strings, and Lee’s vocals before the band kicks in during the climax. Lyrically, it is inspired by the struggles in Lee’s life during Evanescence’s hiatus. The song was compared to Björk’s song “Jóga” (1997) and the band’s own “My Immortal” (2003).

The song received generally positive reviews from music critics, who praised Lee’s vocals and its piano accompaniment, with some highlighting it as one of the album’s best tracks. Following the digital sales of Evanescence, the song charted at number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on the UK Rock Chart. It also charted at numbers 31, 89, and 174 on the Swiss Singles Chart, Canadian Hot 100, and UK Singles Chart respectively. The band also added the song to the set list of their third worldwide tour Evanescence Tour (2011–12). After their performances at the Carnival of Madness tour, live footage of their performances were used to make a music video for the song. The song’s live performance was received positively as well; one critic noted the song’s building heaviness as the band became more involved.